Android: Netrunner - Quorum

Android: Netrunner - Quorum

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Android: Netrunner -  Quorum Data Pack ADN41 - 60 cards

Android: Netrunner The Card Game LCG This asymmetrical card game resurrects the mechanics of the original Netrunner, designed by Richard Garfield, and updates them to increase clarity and promote a more dynamic play environment.

In a world where corporations can scan the human mind and interface it directly with electronic data, more data moves every second than was ever processed in the first five-thousand years of written language. The network is omnipresent, the crux of modern human civilization, and while visionary corporations seek to secure their most valuable data on the network, the elite hackers known as netrunners seek to steal it.

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  • För 2 spelare
  • Från 13 år
  • Tid 30-60 minuter
  • Regler på engelska

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