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Jenga Classic 54 träklossar bildar ett torn Flytta valfri kloss med en hand och lägg den överst. Varje nytt lager måste bestå av tre klossar. Fäller du tornet har du förlorat.

18 våningar högt (ca 27 cm) väger knappt 1 kg

  • För 2 eller fler spelare (eller ensam med mål att få ett xx våningar högt torn )
  • Från 6 år
  • Tid 15 minuter
  • Spelregler engelska

Rekordet är 40 våningar och på det 41:a planet 2 klossar

Från tillverkarens hemsida:
JENGA, the original wooden block tower building game, was invented in the early 1970's by Leslie Scott, a British citizen. She had spent some years as a teenager living in Africa, and to name her game she coined the term JENGA. After much prodding from her Oxford University friends, who had played the game with her for years, she began selling the JENGA game in the United Kingdom.

American entrepreneur Robert Grebler discovered the JENGA game and began importing it to North America. Grebler spent so much time demonstrating the JENGA game that he developed substantial expertise, and to the best of our knowledge, currently holds the JENGA game world record of 40 2/3 levels.

Grebler arranged a JENGA tournament in Montreal in February 1985, as a benefit for the Heart Foundation. Response from the public and the media was overwhelming.

The wooden blocks for the JENGA game begin as alder trees. For many years, alder trees were considered weeds and of little value and were cleared for use only as firewood. More recently, it has been discovered that alder could be an important source of hardwood, making it useful as building material for houses, furniture and, of course, JENGA blocks.

The JENGA game now is played and enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, bringing good times, camaraderie, and great entertainment to families and people of all ages. Numerous references to the JENGA game can be found in media articles and features, including the fact that top runners in the Boston Marathon have played the JENGA game to relax before the race; that the JENGA game has long been a favorite of college students; that the JENGA game is utilized as a teaching tool at all levels; that the JENGA game is an effective icebreaker at business meetings and social events; and that the JENGA game has a listing in the famous book, Guinness World Records.

JENGA records are constantly being set and broken at tournaments, events or even during a night of JENGA fun. Here we have highlighted some - see if you can break one of these and let us know. Even document your achievement with a photo and send it to us via email!


Record Levels:
40 2/3 Levels (no time limit)
Robert Grebler

Record Levels:
36 2/1 Levels (no time limit)
Sean Donnelly

Tallest Tower:
156.6" Inches, Vertically Stacked
Darcy Fuller

Fastest Build:
12 Minutes, 37 sec. 30 story tower
Simon Spalding and Ali Malik
UK - Aug. 1997

Fastest Build:
23.56 sec. from flat pile to full tower
Scott Wilkinson

Most Purchased:
125 Packages from a single store
Christopher S. Cringle

Andra namn på spelet
Tower Up
Cae - Cae
Huojuva torni
Balance Tower
Plock Bygg & Ras!

Jenga 1986
Parker Brothers
Hasbro 2003

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