Risk Legacy

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Risk Legacy

We're doing something different with Risk Legacy. This is a game where the choices you make in one game end up affecting future games, where actions have consequences, where you shape the history of your world.

We're going to ask you to write on your game, to mark it, put stickers on it, and even to throw away parts of it. In fact, that's how the game works. What you'll end up with is a game that has been through a war- your war. No two games will be close to the same. Each will have its own history, its own weaknesses and strengths, and its own heroes.

The early games you play in this world will be somewhat simple and straightforward (for a Risk game). But the choices you make in those games will echo throughout future ones. As you get further into the wars, more and more richness will come into play.
You've probably already noticed that there are a number of envelopes and compartments that are sealed off. They'll get opened and their secrets will be revealed as you play the games. We know that you could rip them all open right away, but you'll enjoy it more if you wait for the right moment. It'll be worth it. You'll also see that many sections of the rulebook are blank.

New rules will come into play as games progress on this world. So what's new here? Lots of things. If you've played Risk before, you'll see that most of what's inside is a Risk game at its core. Combat is the same, for the most part. Getting troops largely remains untouched. But you should still look through the rules before you begin your first battle.

3-5 spelare
Från 13 år
Tid 30-90 minuter
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