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In Inis, you play the role of a Celtic chieftain who has just arrived in a new land. You must construct sanctuaries for spiritual enlightenment, erect citadels to protect peaceful clans, and indulge your wanderlust by exploring the surrounding territories. As clans migrate throughout the land and come to coexist, their differences can lead to clashes, which are often resolved peacefully—but not always.

Demonstrate your leadership by rallying clans loyal to your cause, and then the Great Council will have no choice but bestow the crown on you..

  • För 2-4 spelare
  • Från 14 år
  • Tid 60 minuter
  • Regler på sengelska

Designer: Christian Martinez
Illustrators: Dimitri Bielak, Jim Fitzpatrick

Matagot 2016

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