Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West E.

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Enter the gaslit world of Sherlock Holmes in Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures! A brand new standalone game (you don’t need another box in order to play this one) in the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective series of games, Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures will throw ten entirely new cases cases your way. Six of these cases are one-off adventures, while four others form a linked campaign that challenges you to stop the murders of the notorious Jack the Ripper! With a new map of Whitechapel, newspapers hot-off-the-press for every case, and ten unique casebooks, it’s time to put your mind to the test!

  • För 1-8 spelare
  • Från 12 år
  • Tid 90 minuter
  • Regler på engelska

Included are six independent "West End Adventures" cases (redesigned and updated from the 1995 expansion), and a series of four new cases based on the Jack the Ripper murders.

Jack the Ripper Cases:

  • Mary Ann Nichols
  • Annie Chapman
  • Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes
  • Mary Jane Kelly

West End Adventures

  • The Strange Case of Dr. Goldfire
  • The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
  • A Case of Identity
  • The Death of a Transylvanian Count
  • A Royal Huggermugger at the Savage Club
  • A Simple Case of Murder

Asmodee 2017



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