Runewars Miniatures Game

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Runewars Miniatures Game - a miniatures game of epic battles in an age of heroes

The great powers of Terrinoth have clashed countless times over the ages, spilling the blood of man and beast alike on the battlefields of war. Through innumerable battles, armies have maneuvered and conquered, and legendary commanders have risen from the ashes to lead their warriors to victory and greatness. Now, you can take your place among those hallowed captains with Runewars Miniatures Game, a miniatures game of tactical, rank-and-file warfare, set in the realm of Terrinoth!

Every time you play Runewars Miniatures Game, you’ll have the chance to test your tactical acumen as you lead your chosen army against a single opponent. You will marshal an army and array them for battle—combining solid blocks of infantry, thundering columns of cavalry, and mighty siege units like the magically animated rune golems. Then, using innovative command tools, you and your opponent will order your units on the field of battle, carefully maneuvering, shifting position, charging, and locking in brutal melee combat. With intensely customizable deployment and objectives, plenty of ways to upgrade your units, and beautifully sculpted, unpainted miniatures, Runewars offers countless ways to personalize your army, both visually and mechanically. 

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Speltid 90 minuter
Från 14 år
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Fantasy Flight Games 2017-04-13

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