Endeavor: Age of Sail

Endeavor: Age of Sail

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In this second edition, players will experience:

  • Double-sided board to accommodate different player counts
  • Variable starting set ups with new buildings
  • Exploits to enhance the mechanisms and story of the different regions
  • Updated visuals by the original artist and graphic designer, Josh Cappel

In Endeavor: Age of Sail, players strive to earn glory for their empires. Beginning in Europe and sailing through the Mediterranean outward, players establish shipping routes and occupy cities all over the world. As they do, players will use their growing Industry, Culture, Finance, and Influence, to extend their reach into regions of the world over.

  • För 2-5 spelare
  • Från 12 år
  • Tid 60 min
  • Regler: engelska

Burnt Island Games 2018


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