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In Architectura players build a city together. Become the best builder by owning the most prestigious buildings at the end of the game. Architectura is a highly interactive, easy to learn, card game

In your turn, you choose a building card from your hand and place it in one of the available streets. A new building can upgrade or devaluate a neighbouring building. By rotating the cards, you keep track of the current value. Futhermore, each card can have an important effect on other buildings, a whole street or your end score. Card decks of 12 basic cards and 6 additional interchangeable expert cards for each player, grant a very high replayability.

The player who owns the most valuable buildings at the end, wins the game.

  • För 2-4 spelare
  • Från 10 år
  • Tid 30-45 minuter
  • Engelska regler

Hobby World / Game Brewer 2018

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