Horch830BK Cabriolet - 243 pcs

Finns i butiken - Kan levereras inom 1-3 dagar

300,00 kr

The set includes a figure of Stefan Starzyński, a politician, soldier, and, above all, the memorable president of Warsaw, who refused to evacuate from the city and acted as the Civil Commissioner at the Warsaw Defense Command until the very end. As an excellent organizer, he developed the civil defense network and constantly kept up the spirit of the fighting population of Warsaw.

Horch is a German automotive company founded at the beginning of the 20th century in Zwickau (Saxony). From the very beginning Horch cars were characterized by high quality, modern technical solutions and excellent craftsmanship. In 1933, the luxury sedan "Horch 830" debuted on the market and it immediately became a hit. This prompted the manufacturer to release new variants of the car. In the following years, the shortened Horch 830BK and the Horch 830BL in the elongated body version appeared.
  •  cm
  • Widht 6 cm
  • 1
  • Scale 1:35
  • Small Army WWII
  • COBI-2262

COBI 2021

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