M5A1 Stuart VI 355 pcs

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Cobi Small Army WWII: M5A1 Stuart VI 355 pcs

The M5A1 Stuart VI is an American light tank from World War II. The British called it ‘Stuart’ in honor of American general Jeb Stuart. Its main armament was a M6 caliber 37mm. This tank had a supply of 116 bullets. There were over 23,000 of the tanks produced in different versions. Apart from the USA, the ‘Stuarts’ also served in the British, Chinese, Polish and many other armies. After the war, some of those tanks were given to Mexico, Brazil and even Dominican Republic and Haiti.

This unique model has a rotating turret with barrel, operable trapdoor and bonnet. The set includes a figure of a tank driver with armament and tools such as a hammer, axe and crowbar.

  • 345 blocks
  • 1 figure – American tank driver
  • A block replica weapon – semi-automatic rifle M1, hand-grenade
  • Bodywork with pad printing
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Model dimensions (length x width x height): 155mm x 90mm x 75mm

COBI 2016

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